Thanks to our high street promoters

A big thank you to all the great retail outlets now holding advertising materials, leaflets, etc for us from today. These fine establishments include: (Black Widow alternative wear – Camden, London)   Horrified Press and its imprints salute you. Continue reading

2014 releases

             March 22nd – Tales of the Undead – Undead in Pictures Full-color art by the legendary Stephen Cooney, accompanying stories from some of the best new and established horror authors working the indie horror scene today. This comic book sized page turner is a MUST for fans of Stephen’s work and the horror genre … Continue reading

Advertising space available

Limited spaces for full-page ads in our new magazine publications ‘Nightmare Illustrated’ and ‘Schlock bi-monthly’ (20 slots only per issue). First come, first served. Designed free – $10 for one full-sized page ad, per issue. Advertise your horror collectable business, new horror novel, Gothic jewelry line today! E-mail:, for details. Below, examples of some … Continue reading

Horrified Press takes 1st & 2nd place in this years’ P & E readers poll

   The results have been verified and we can proudly reveal that Horrified Press titles ‘The Soul That Screamed’ and ‘Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers’ took 1st & 2nd place respectively in the anthology section of the P & E readers poll this year. My thanks to author Dan Weatherer & artist Jude Hunt for … Continue reading

10% off Horrified Press magazines for subscribers

  Details of our subscription package for ‘Nightmare Illustrated’ and ‘Schlock Bi-Monthly’ magazines are as follows… Individual copies of ‘Nightmare Illustrated’ and ‘Schlock Bi-Monthly’ will be available from on-line channels, including, priced at £4 each. P+P is usually charged at around £2.50 per item. This brings us to a grand total of £78 per … Continue reading

Become a ‘Horrified Press’ digital content stockist today!

Become a Horrified Press digital content stockist today! 4 steps is all it takes… 1.) Add the following Lulu links to your webpage or blog site. ‘Tales of the Undead – Suffer Eternal’ ‘Tales of the Undead – Suffer Eternal: volume II’;jsessionid=17FC9234728262E410DADC0CF69230BA ‘Tales of the Undead – Hell Whore’ 2.) Message us … Continue reading