Become a ‘Horrified Press’ digital content stockist today!

Become a Horrified Press digital content stockist today!
4 steps is all it takes…

1.) Add the following Lulu links to your webpage or blog site.

‘Tales of the Undead – Suffer Eternal’

‘Tales of the Undead – Suffer Eternal: volume II’;jsessionid=17FC9234728262E410DADC0CF69230BA

‘Tales of the Undead – Hell Whore’

2.) Message us via facebook; to let us know that you have decided to become a Horrified Press stockist and where your site is located.

3.) Include the following message on your site:

‘When you purchase your Horrified Press titles from, e-mail us your order number and receive a FREE digital novel from Horrified Press’.

4.) Once you have forwarded the relevant order number to us from your customer (and the customer’s receiving e-mail address), we will send them a free Horrified Press e-book (once their order number has been authenticated), and will credit you with a generous 20% from each sale (to be paid via Paypal – per quarter).

Sound good? It is!
Not only will you be spreading the word about Horrified Press titles (retailing books that are unbelievably scary and supporting our authors), you’ll also be earning money for YOURSELF!
In simple terms: Win – for authors. Win – for horror fans. Win – for YOU!
This offer is open to all, and feel free to share this post with your friends!


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