10% off Horrified Press magazines for subscribers

schlock cover NI cover

Details of our subscription package for ‘Nightmare Illustrated’ and ‘Schlock Bi-Monthly’ magazines are as follows…
Individual copies of ‘Nightmare Illustrated’ and ‘Schlock Bi-Monthly’ will be available from on-line channels, including Lulu.com, priced at £4 each. P+P is usually charged at around £2.50 per item. This brings us to a grand total of £78 per year for ‘NI’ and £36.50 per year for ‘Schlock Bi-monthly’. We’re offering a 10% discount on the cost of each edition on a yearly subscription, reducing ‘NI’ to £70.20 INC P+P and ‘Schlock Bi-Monthly’ to £32.85 inc P+P.
Subscription payments to be made via Paypal to: nathan.rowark@live.co.uk
Please mark reason for payment in the subject box during checkout as your name, address, followed by the name of the magazine you’re subscribing to.


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