Website advertising space available

Advertise your new horror project on the new Horrified Press site!

Placement of ads:

We guarantee that your ad will feature on every page of our site during its duration. This is called ROS (run of site). We also have a huge network of social sites that all our posts get funneled thru in addition.

To get started: Ad must be 72 dpi at 300 x 250 pixels

(Note: Double size ads are also available at 300×500 size – ask about pricing and placement)

Ad can be a .jpg or .gif


Duration can be anything from 1 week to a full month.

Email:, for details.

Katie ad CruelFour Days David HayesAlisonOnly the deadJango 2Jango 1Martino Scott Michael PMichael P2 Doug ad KZ 1

InsaneCondosaurhorrifiedpromoad2A ChildLachelle aaron

Survivors of the DeadhAPPY EDITINGCellar DoorGaryDying to LiveDiabolic TalesERIC AD 1Moonlight MedicineSEAN adERIC AD 2ERIC 3ERIC 4The UnveilingTones of HomeThe Way of all FleshFaulkner's apprenticeLTR-A4Cooper adPhillipMerita

Nightscape ad 1Nightscape ad 2Nightscape ad 3Nightscape ad 4Thomas


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