LAST CALL: Barbarian Crowns / Devil’s Armory UPDATE!

Barbarian Crowns / Devil’s Armory UPDATE

Can all contributors to these anthologies with acceptances (authors/artists) please forward their contracts and stories to:
The new editor for these projects will be Dorothy Davies.
Please label the subject line as follows: anthology title, story name, author name.
Please share this post with your fellow contributors, as we wish to make all aware of this change, so as to avoid anyone being left out.
If all accepted subs are in by June end then we will look to release these titles no later than July end.

Barbarian Crowns TOC

Blood in the Streets of Tasmin – Mark Slade
The Hunger of Elder Stygia – E.S. Wynn
The Cult Of Ævänah – Matthew Knight
The Chamber Of Lusts – Matthew Knight
Chronicles of the Obsidian Crown – Byron Roberts
Standing Stones – Karlton B. Douglas
Kormand the Dragonslayer – Karlton B. Douglas
The Southland Saga – Mark Sims
The Oath – Kevin Henry
The Floating Island of Tauret Mok – Kevin Henry
The Post Human Edge – David S. Pointer
Time Warrior – David S. Pointer
Gods’ will – Justyna Plichta-Jendzio
Vault of Bones – Scott Rinehart
Engulfed by Flames – Petros M. Leptos
The City of the Two Brothers – Antonis J.K. Katsaros
The Mask of the God Hunter – Howie K. Bentley
A Valkyrie’s Vendetta – Ashley Dioses
The Last Barbarian Queen of Lobath – Ashley L. Hunt
Scion of the Black Tower – Paul D Batteiger
Rossi’s Fall – E. Romi Frost
The Crown of Destiny – Thomas Cunningham
The Treasure of Trakos – Teel James Glenn
An Umbrian’s Oath – Teel James Glenn
The Last Escape – Teel James Glenn
The Other at the Threshold – Jason Scott Aiken
Brontide – Joas Dale Miller
Hail, Nordhalla – Joas Dale Miller
In Frost Out Fire – Joas Dale Miller
Lore of the North – Joas Dale Miller
The Old Grey Oak – Joas Dale Miller
Berserker – K.A. Opperman
The Lady of the Dagger – K.A. Opperman

Devil’s Armory TOC

Space Snipers – David S. Pointer
All We Can See is Nothing – E.S. Wynn
Darkfall: Return of the Vampyre Hunter – Byron Roberts
Gazraelle in the Shadowgate – Matthew Knight
The Francisca – Karlton B. Douglas
Blood on the Sword – Karlton B. Douglas
Devotion of Blades – Carl Thomas Fox
Shadow Bomb – Micke Lindquist
Gates of Abyss – Justyna Plichta-Jendzio
Blood on the Spear – Scott Rinehart
Guardian of the Rune Dagger – Howie K. Bentley
The Song of Ageless Steel – Howie K. Bentley
The Huntress and the Arrow – Ashley L. Hunt
Rune Light – E. Romi Frost
Shadow Runes – E. Romi Frost
The Only Weapon – Thomas Cunningham
The Casket of Fear – Teel James Glenn
The Vampire Slayer’s Whip – K.A. Opperman
The Mighty Gram – Ashley Dioses
Charred Walls of the Damned – Kevin Henry
Deadly Sin – Travis J. Gates
Armory of Flesh – Frederick J. Mayer
The Eye of Klarkash-ton – Frederick J. Mayer


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