Schlock horror!

June 30th will see the arrival of the next edition of ‘Schlock Bi-Monthly’: Volume 2, issue 1. In this edition we have a story of the Baggage people carry with them from Dave Ludford, who’s become a regular contributor to Schlock! Webzine (’s virtual pages. Next is a horror from infancy from Rick McQuiston, and … Continue reading

Crom will be pleased!

The finalized cover for fantasy anthology ‘Barbarian Crowns’ can finally be revealed! Thanks go to artist Stephen Cooney for the hordes depicted. The finished anthology will be available from July 30th – no matter what hordes dare try to stop us! Please share the news via your social hubs and hives, so that Crom will … Continue reading

Back the indie rebels!

Horrified Press is doing the math and is proud to disclose that we will be paying out over $500 in the month of June – to be shared between editors, authors and artists across imprints. Loving the indie renaissance right now! This is all down to quality writing, original storytelling (try finding that in Hollywood … Continue reading

Royalties Bonanza!

May has been a successful month for Horrified Press and its imprints. Not only will contributors to anthologies ‘Warlords of the Asteroid Belt’ and ‘The Fall of Cthulhu’ be receiving royalty payments this June 30th, now Michael Aronovitz (author of the excellent solo collection ‘The Voices in Our Heads’) will too. This is awesome news! … Continue reading