The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!


“From the frying pan into the fire,” my mother used to say. “Better the Devil you know.”
Well, in the case of this rather nasty – rather fiery – anthology it’s a safe bet you won’t be safe either way!
Dorothy Davies and the crew of imprint Thirteen O’Clock Press present ‘Pyromania’.
Tales of the hot and hellish pyromaniacs – from human to less than human scorch each page with malice and addicted aforethought.
Will you be able to dance through the flames of this terrifying collection and remain unsinged by the time you reach the other side? We highly doubt it.
This anthology will be available in paperback format from June 18th via the Horrified Press website ( with FREE global delivery and 10% off the regular RP for one week only.
Best wear oven mitts whilst reading…
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