Schlock horror!

Vol 2 Issue 01a

June 30th will see the arrival of the next edition of ‘Schlock Bi-Monthly’: Volume 2, issue 1.

In this edition we have a story of the Baggage people carry with them from Dave Ludford, who’s become a regular contributor to Schlock! Webzine (’s virtual pages.
Next is a horror from infancy from Rick McQuiston, and another lupine tale from Seamus Esparza.
Steve Laker has a story of automation run wild. Gary Murphy’s China Doll conceals a horrific double life, but Joe Jablonksi has greater terrors to tell of, across The Dusk Meridian.
In The Caves of Mars, Grae-Don and Azora encounter Burkov the Bloody.
And finally, Kevin L Jones and Scott Twells tell the story of a night on the town the narrator grew to regret.

You can pick up a copy via the Horrified Press website –



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