Vampires with a twist!

The Vampire Henry

Don’t forget to grab a copy of novel ‘The Vampire Henry’ by Michael S. Walker tomorrow. It promises to be something different in the vampire vein and a little bit quirky.
We also have 10% off the RP and FREE global delivery on this title until October 14th.

Sick of vampires who glitter? Who run around in the sun, looking all hunky and moody? Then meet Henry Lovell – the VAMPIRE Henry. Nothing glamorous about Henry. He’s a working-class stiff (no pun intended) and aspiring writer who just happens to drink blood to survive. He may or may not be immortal, but he knows one thing – life is SHORT baby, so drink up… This then is the tale of the Vampire Henry. It is a story like a lot of other stories really: full of messy mistakes, heroes and villains, survivors and victims – blood, sweat, and tears. Oh yeah… There’s a LOT of blood…

#halloween #horrifiedpress


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