sword and planet

Robert E. Howard, Godfather of sword and sorcery epic Conan, gave the authors of Rogue Planet Press the impetus to create something new for 2017. Editor-in-chief Gavin Chappell, a long term fan of both schlock science-fiction and sword and sorcery, opened the call. A legendary anthology was born! So what is this crazy new sub genre all about? Are its roots in classic fiction from days gone by, the black and white serials of a bygone era, or are the seeds of this literary culture rooted more in the present – from the current retro scene to the emergence of Bizarro fiction? The answer is – all of the above!

Many authors involved in this collection were raised on classic black and white shows that followed the episodic trend of unveiling pieces of an overarching adventure each week. From Flash Gordon, his perilous trek through the alien kingdoms of Mongo, to classic sword-fighting from the likes of folk hero ‘Zorro’, and the all-American gun-slinging ‘Lone Ranger’, children far and wide dreamed up new storylines and further adventures to act out from their toy-box. Later these emerging authors would free themselves from thoughts of fan-fiction and develop their own stories and heroes to occupy our pages. With nostalgic eyes we peruse these tales – younger minds becoming entranced by such legends – to continue the tradition of classic storytelling from tried and tested themes. If you consider the influence of sub genre sets on our reading palette over the years – the desire to take the established and reinvent without the stale constraints of past convention – we find ourselves delving into a thrilling mix of the familiar old and mysterious new. The space opera has taken new form and is as compelling as it ever was.

‘Sword and Planet’ is available now via Amazon, Lulu, B & N, and all good retail outlets, or via the Horrified Press website:


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