Trolls- (small)

In the modern age, the term ‘Troll’ is used to describe those who wish to aggravate another online. But back in the 80’s our video shelves were dominated by them. These Trolls were a little different, taken from Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore – a type of being that typically dwelt in forests and atop mountains. These small and reclusive creatures would often find their way amongst human kind and play tricks on them. Troll became a term for trickster, and it was from the indie video scene, films such as ‘Troll’ and cult hit ‘Troll 2’, that western kids of the 80’s became aware of them. In a pre-internet era, the video store became a popular venue for picking up both entertainment and enlightenment. Folklore from countries around the world were heavily borrowed upon for genre pieces of fantasy and horror. However, due to artistic license and the evolution of the form, one might say that the western Troll we know today is as far removed from the fable as the vampires of ‘Twilight’, or the werewolves of ‘Underworld’. In any case, the authors of Thirteen O’Clock Press took our call as the perfect excuse to create something new and exciting for the genre. Heavy on Schlock, humour and down-right gory moments, and with a great cover by renowned Jersey-born artist Lissanne Lake, this anthology could contain the best Troll-related short stories ever written! But we’ll leave you to decide if we’re trolling or not…

Trollis available now via Amazon, Lulu, B & N, and all good retail outlets, or via the Horrified Press website: www.horrifiedpress.com


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