Purity Spiral – Alt Right Playbook or One Man’s Journey in Search of Free Speech?



Emerging voice of the modern counter-culture free speech movement Matthew, aka Mustachio or Mustache Matt, would like to take you on a journey. This story is unlike any we have published before – for it is true, autobiographical, a tale of one man’s struggle to overcome a sinister narrative broadcast into the homes of every man, woman and child. Orwellian in tone, Gonzo journalism with frightening overtones on days to come, Matt attempts to disseminate his views and experiences on the road – from New-York to New-Mexico – from early childhood, family influences, to the community he became a part of online. This is a story of memetic warfare and Marxism. From his time with Shia Labeouf during the HWNDU art project – and his altercation with the liberal Hollywood star – to his meeting with the HWNDU NM cast, and his subsequent notoriety, Matt seeks to unravel the cultural propaganda in society today – to expose those who stand to gain most from the emerging activist groups rising up across the American landscape. Full of Matt’s trademark politically incorrect humour, this ride promises to be informative, amusing, shocking, thought-provoking and humbling. A book for the ages, ‘Purity Spiral’ will introduce you to a world of bright and colourful characters from multi-ethnic backgrounds who have turned their backs on the conventional politics of their fathers and instead look to a more modern, progressive conservative agenda based on values espoused by their grandfathers. When free speech is under threat, and the world is watching, it’s time to take the red pill…

‘Purity Spiral’ will be available late 2017 from Horrified Press.


3 thoughts on “Purity Spiral – Alt Right Playbook or One Man’s Journey in Search of Free Speech?

  1. I am disappointed and disgusted to find that Horrified Press will be giving exposure to what sounds like another Alt-Right lunatic. One man’s journey in search of free speech, you say? The Alt-Right have tried to identify their movement as an extension, or modern incarnation, of the Free Speech movement, but they are misguided in asserting that they are modern day defenders of Free Speech. They misinterpret the intent of Free Speech for their own agenda. The Alt-Right is nothing more than modern day white supremacists and hate mongers. It is beneath Horrified Press to be associated with this sort of trash.  Not that it matters to you, but I will not be submitting work to Horrified Press again, despite the fact that I’ve been published in a dozen of your anthologies and have previously had nothing but good things to say about H.P. I will also be attempting to convince my fellow authors to refrain from submitting their work to Horrified Press and all of its imprints. Beware the Hounds of Kwovadis!

    • Hey Kevin,

      Firstly, thank you for your comments, regarding our press release for autobiography ‘Mein Struggle’. As I am a firm believer in free speech myself, I have approved your comment and it is now live.
      Although I can see why you might think that this piece is, in some way, promoting Nazi values and/or ideals, I can assure you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the title is sarcastic in nature and was chosen to mirror the public perception of Matt, and what many on the more liberal left would expect a book released by him to be called. I really can’t say more about his journey without ruining the book, but I will say that he has taken a serious amount of hate for his free speech stance. No-one would put themselves in harms way, as he has, for fun, or to be offensive to others. This author has a genuine point and, although I publish many works that are considered fringe or indecent, some that I approve of and some that I do not, he has a right to speak – as we all do.
      You know that look people give you when you first tell them you’re a horror writer, the expectation they immediately have of you – that there must be something wrong with you to write such things – in some way you must be disturbed! You know that moral judgement, it’s happened at some time to you… right? And you thought to yourself, “Who gives them the right to judge me for what I like and enjoy! What gives them the right to say who I am!” I would strongly recommend that you give this book a chance, when it’s released. And, although Matt doesn’t endorse any form of actual Nazism, I can assure you that he may open your eyes to some interesting facts from the other side of the political divide. Whether I agree with his stance is neither here nor there, but everyone has a right to speak. It is why we will be releasing a slew of stories at the end of the month against Trump and his agenda, for the pendulum swings both ways!


      Nathan J.D.L. Rowark
      Horrified Press

  2. Matthew is a good man who is trying to show that free speech in america is non existent because his views are shot down and looked upon with negatively without research with what he is trying to say. There are many with viewpoint similar to his and he is saying in “Mein Struggle” that instead of looking down on his views and trying to silence them as hate speech, lets renew the spirit of what america stands for and that is the first amendment for all whether you agree or not.

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