Current acceptances



Vekaria Resort – Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

The Steam Cleansing Machine – E. W. Farnsworth

Enyo on Rails – E. W. Farnsworth R

Henry and Sophie – Flying in Time- Grant Eagar

The Engineer’s Watch – Justin Bienvenue

Return to Earth – Bruce H. Markuson

God is a Bullet – Scott Rinehart

Fruits of the Forest – John C Adams

Above the Mississippi – Teel James Glenn

The Cinderella Deception – I. Verse

The last of the mortals – Sergio Palumbo and Ernesto Canepa

A Voyage to Erythraea – John David Rose

Kami-Kira – Max True

Drop of Steel – R. Lipinski

Eternity Engine –  Thomas Malafarina

Voices in the Dark – Michele Dutcher

Just the Mechanic – Timothy O. Goyette

The Dark Side of Diablo Canyon – Dan Hollifield

Stainless – Shane Porteous

TRUMPOCALYPSE acceptance list

Gut Punch – Dino Parenti

Washington Witch Burnings – Emery LeeAnn

20 thoughts on “Current acceptances

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  2. Are there still openings for, Detectives of the Fantastic: volume II, or is this anthology closed?

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  4. No problem Tom. Always happy to help! Don’t forget that from Feb 1st we’re giving authors a 50% contributor discount – to retail copies on their own blogs and sites. PM us on facebook and I’ll forward the email that went out. 🙂

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