Current acceptances

AFTER LINES acceptance list

Roma – Dawn Chance
The Fox – Gareth Barsby
The Last Lament of Foxy Loxy – Garth Pettersen
Pea Soup – Rie Sheridan Rose
Now You See Me – Tiffany Michelle Brown
Old and In the Way – Wayne Faust
The Good Fairy – Edward Ahern
Happily Ever After Is Never The End – Ramona Thompson
Outdated – Rie Sheridan Rose
The Many-The-One – Jennifer Monsen
The Fourth Door – Richard Jay Goldstein
Stay Behind – Jeff Provine
In Hoc Signo Vinces – Monica Cook
Misunderstood – Dave Ring
The Enchantress’s Pets – K.S. Dearsley
Institutional Prophecy – Sara Codair
Swan, Wild – Pete Sutton
Catfish Princess – Rose Strikman
Galatea in Love – Molly Lazer

WEIRD WEST acceptance list

Boothill Epiphany                 –  Ken L. Jones

Beyond the Bed Roll Rigmarole                –  David S. Pointer

Sagebrush & Courtship                  –   David S. Pointer

The Ghost of Alice Hampton         –    E. W. Farnsworth

Amongst The Monsters        –    Kevin L. Jones

I has come to make my peace with the Almighty  – Bruce H. Markuson

Ghost Riders                –  Dorothy Davies

Wildcatting on the Sex Frontier                –  Edward Cooke

Death Waits for Jim Courtright                 –  Norbert Gora

And Who Can Say What Rides Again?               –  Ken L. Jones

The Bokor of Ascension, Nevada             –   C.W. Blackwell

The Blood Creek Gold Rush          –    Justin Bienvenue

Bad Day in New Dodge City  –  Richard L. Rubin

The Town          –  Neal Privett

Rifle Rock          –  Shane Porteous

From The Wastelands It Came                  –  Ken L. Jones

What You Leave Behind        –  Evan Dicken

Hooves and Tobacco on a Sunday Morning         –  Austin Worley

Psycho Bill Ones-Shot and the Time Traveller    –  Kevin Kennedy

The Legend of Wyatt Ape!              –  Teel James Glenn

Have Gun, Will Travel          –  John C. Adams

Perdition            –  Scott Rinehart

The Day the Pterodactyls Struck New Dodge City        –  Richard L. Rubin

Beeswax and Castile      –  E. W. Farnsworth


WEIRD WEST: volume II acceptance list

A Tale of Vengeance            –   Scott Rinehart             

The Dream               –   Scott Rinehart             

Strings               –    Larry W. Underwood             

The Man from Shadyside: A Radio Drama in One Act       –   T.C. Clark

Clara Jane and the Devil Dog  – Julie Dollar               

Legend and Shootist              –  DJ Tyrer         

Day of the Dead in Villella               –   E. W. Farnsworth

The Way of The Wind          –   Bruce H. Markuson

The Day Death Wore Boots              –  Dorothy Davies   

Who Believes a Drunken Indian?     –   Tyson West                

Virtual West             –   David S. Pointer

The Memory Drink              –   Shane Porteous                      

The Grave Digger    –   Bruce H. Markuson               

Longhorn Jack McGraw      –   E. W. Farnsworth       

Metamorphoses        –   E. W. Farnsworth           

The Thirteen Apostles      –   E. W. Farnsworth

Death Stalks the Range    –  Terry Alexander

The Black Sands Down in Mexico     –  Charlie Walls

Underneath the Old West       – Sergio ‘ente per ente’ PALUMBO- edited by Michele DUTCHER

Doctor Miracle         – Kevin Jones

What Enigmatic Smiles In The Sand?      – Ken L. Jones


Vekaria Resort – Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

The Steam Cleansing Machine – E. W. Farnsworth

Enyo on Rails – E. W. Farnsworth R

Henry and Sophie – Flying in Time- Grant Eagar

The Engineer’s Watch – Justin Bienvenue

Return to Earth – Bruce H. Markuson

God is a Bullet – Scott Rinehart

Fruits of the Forest – John C Adams

Above the Mississippi – Teel James Glenn

The Cinderella Deception – I. Verse

The last of the mortals – Sergio Palumbo and Ernesto Canepa

A Voyage to Erythraea – John David Rose

Kami-Kira – Max True

Drop of Steel – R. Lipinski

Eternity Engine –  Thomas Malafarina

Voices in the Dark – Michele Dutcher

Just the Mechanic – Timothy O. Goyette

The Dark Side of Diablo Canyon – Dan Hollifield

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  2. Are there still openings for, Detectives of the Fantastic: volume II, or is this anthology closed?

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