Current acceptances



Vekaria Resort – Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

The Steam Cleansing Machine – E. W. Farnsworth

Enyo on Rails – E. W. Farnsworth R

Henry and Sophie – Flying in Time- Grant Eagar

The Engineer’s Watch – Justin Bienvenue

Return to Earth – Bruce H. Markuson

God is a Bullet – Scott Rinehart

Fruits of the Forest – John C Adams

Above the Mississippi – Teel James Glenn

The Cinderella Deception – I. Verse

The last of the mortals – Sergio Palumbo and Ernesto Canepa

A Voyage to Erythraea – John David Rose

Kami-Kira – Max True

Drop of Steel – R. Lipinski

Eternity Engine –  Thomas Malafarina

Voices in the Dark – Michele Dutcher

Just the Mechanic – Timothy O. Goyette

The Dark Side of Diablo Canyon – Dan Hollifield

Stainless – Shane Porteous

The Preternatural Psychic Auditorium – M. S. Swift

TRUMPOCALYPSE acceptance list

Ode to Women
By Jeffrey Penn May

The Tyrant Craft
By Rhys Hughes

Razorbaby Versus ICE
By Alex S. Johnson

The Manic Defence
By Mawr Gorshin

The Good Lord Shall Provide
By Bill McCormick

By G K Murphy

2 + 2 = 5
By Mathias Jansson

Washington Witch Burnings
By Emery LeeAnn

Trumpkins from Huge Space
By S.L. Koch

State Capture
By Christina Engela

By Joey Burneez

By Mandy White

Gut Punch
By Dino Parenti

Have You Seen the Orange Sign?
By B. Michael Stevens

Flatus, Imperator
By Raven Dane

The Antithesis Project
By Kevin Henry

There’s an App for That
By Jeff Stevenson

Camp Hollywood
By Samantha L. Nocera

By Norbert Gora

The Curse of the Hoary Lingos
By Florence Ann Marlowe

The Ballad of Tiny Hands: The day he got the clap
By Pippa Bailey – With bigly help from Leanna Locker


BEYOND THE SHROUD acceptance list

The Patient – Mathias Jansson

The City of Ten Thousand Gods – Matthew Frederick

A Plague of Perspiration – Shane Porteous

Wind Joiner – E. W. Farnsworth

Palm Wine – Cynthia Morrison

TIME PORT 1985 acceptance list

Space-time Interruption – Cameron Smith

The future must remain unknown – Norbert Gora

Load Time Tunnel, 8 – Mathias Jansson


21 thoughts on “Current acceptances

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  2. Is “The Black Cat” anthology still accepting? I do not see it listed on the Currently accepting page.

  3. Are there still openings for, Detectives of the Fantastic: volume II, or is this anthology closed?

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  5. No problem Tom. Always happy to help! Don’t forget that from Feb 1st we’re giving authors a 50% contributor discount – to retail copies on their own blogs and sites. PM us on facebook and I’ll forward the email that went out. 🙂

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