Schlock Bi-Monthly Magazine haunted!

Schlock Bi-Monthly 2.2

The new issue of ‘Schlock Bi-Monthly Magazine (Volume 2, issue 2) will be available from August 30th via our website:
Here’s a rundown of what you can expect…

A HAUNTING on the hill leads to the disintegration of a local teacher’s personality in Abingdon’s Calling by MS Swift. Another voice from beyond the grave can be heard in social media in Gary Murphy’s The Online Dead. The narrator of our next story is also haunted, this time by The Woman on the Sidewalk, in a story by Gregory KH Bryant, whose serial The Caves of Mars reached Part Eleven elsewhere in this issue.
Moving on from ghosts to the occult, we are cordially invited to a Wizard Con in Walter G Esselman’s comic fantasy tale, and also we encounter Merita King’s Witch of Pleasford Dale.
—Gavin Chappell


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