Long Dead Before Dying collection from author B.T. Joy arrives!


Our next release will be Horrified Press collection ‘Long Dead Before Dying’ from author B.T. Joy on October 22nd.
You can grab a copy via our website: www.horrifiedpress.com

Here’s what you can expect from this innovative author…

Life, death and transformation can be viewed as those stages of reality most unavoidable; or as the very different rooms we must enter one after the other. Long Dead Before Dying is a collection of eighteen short stories which examine what happens when the transition from one to the other is disrupted or even foregone. What becomes of those who die badly, or not at all? What’s the fate of human beings who continue to grow after the heart stops beating? What lives in the liminal spaces between waking and sleep? In a journey that will take you from medieval Russia to 1890s London, and from the slums of Haiti to the vineyards of Italy, Long Dead paints a vivid and often horrific view of a world haunted by the mistakes and roads not taken that lead on inevitably to unknown vistas beyond life and imagination.


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